Monday, September 13, 2010

My Band Gets a Tarot Reading.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It is nice to know that I have a whole new set of friends to share this next year with. My birthday weekend went very well. For the first time in many years I weighed less than the year before so my band has already played a big part in what this year will hold for me. It is wonderful to think I will continue to weigh less – it’s like a burden lifting, both literally and figuratively.

I had people over to my place for my birthday night and then kept up a birthday tradition with one of my friends earlier today. For the past couple of years we have gone to see this local psychic on my birthday for both tarot and palm readings. I have always played around with this stuff, mostly with the mindset that a tarot reading is like playing MASH, only for grown-ups. So, one of my quirks is to visit this sketchy lady we call "Madame" to hear our futures and giggle over the cards. Not that we put huge amounts of faith in what this woman says, but it always makes for an extremely fun outing. I would have to say that she is a really good people reader and always has a bit to say that kicks us in the rear and a bit to say which gives us hope. Afterwards we have breakfast tacos and tease each other about our supposed futures. Really, it is one of my favorite girly outings – I highly suggest it to everyone at least once.

As for my reading this year, it was very positive. I got a lot of cards that represented growing opportunities and fun things ahead. Most of my cards were about looking forward, not back. My favorite of these was the Queen of Cups as she is the “Miss Independent” of the tarot set – a person I would like to think of myself as being like. My psychic Madame suggested that I had spent too much time in the past dealing with others’ feelings and that I should take some well deserved time for myself (seriously, she is a good people reader). This resonated with me as I feel like the past year has been burdened with family issues that I had to take charge of, putting my own desires and goals in the background. This especially hit home as the only down part of my birthday weekend was my sister’s sour mood at my party. Long story short, my sister is the biggest issue I have had to deal with in the past as she has upset others and run amok with her personal issues affecting our whole family. I recently told her to figure her own crud out which I feel guilty about but am also glad about as I no longer feel burdened with being her babysitter. I am sure I will expound on my relationship with my sister further but…back to the tarot reading.

I also got the lovers card (insert huge amount of jokes and giggles at it portrays two naked folks) which suggests that I will either start a relationship or take an existing one to a new level; we will see where that one ends. As for my palm reading, my Madame made a big deal about how I had a journey line that wrapped around on both sides of my hand; she said it was rare, special, and meant good things in the future. She said my journey, heart, and fate lines make a pyramid which shows a strong self and determined path. She said good things are on their way and I should stop worrying so much. All and all, it was just kind of nice for a complete stranger to say congrats on getting your stuff together because there are great things ahead of you. So there you have it, my birthday and psychic adventure are in line with my feelings about this new year – I think it will be one full of new adventures, fun relationships, and lots of personal growth. Let the year of ME begin!


  1. That sounds like a great time!

  2. Glad you had fun! This is definitely all about YOU! Work it, girl!

  3. I've had a couple of readings and they are always fun. Sounds like you got a good read.

  4. That sounds like a fun trip! Glad your birthday went well and it's great that you can finally say you weigh less this year than last, keep it going!

  5. I have always wanted to get a reading. I almost did it on a trip to Atlanta once but chickened out. It sounds like you guys had loads of fun.

    I gave you an award over at my spot. Check it out when you have time.