Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Losing Time and Getting a Fill.

Time has flown by and I have found it almost impossible to get enough time for myself, time to spend with you guys. Now, this is mostly my fault as I went to NYC and then have been playing catch up with work (and play) the past week or so. My trip was awesome - though probably not as profoundly fabulous as the lucky ladies who went to Chicago recently. I went to my favorite fancy restaurant (21 Club), shopped in Chinatown, visited Tut before he goes back to Egypt, saw Wicked, and did one heck of a run-through of the MET. Oh, and I did 5th Avenue too; I love Tiffanys. It was a super busy weekend and hard to fit it all in, but I already miss my absolute favorite vacation spot.

Upon returning, I went in for a fill and much to my suprise and delight, my NP was willing to fill me up like a gas tank and go for some agressive treatment. I went up to around 8ccs (a plus of about 2ccs). I have certainly felt it this time around but am still waiting for it all to settle in so I know what the actual restriction will be. While I am worried when all is said and done that it will be too much, I am kind of hoping this agressive move will work. I am a little tired of being a yo-yo on the scale - I WANT TO LOSE! So far I am restricted well when I eat and I can only feel the band pressure at nightime. I hope it stays this way as the restriction/pressure seems doable right now.

I am looking forward to catching up with all of y'all, hearing what crazy antics people got into while in Chicago, and settling back down into a routine. If only I didn't have to do work or study.....


  1. ohh New York--You lucky person you. I love love love that town. I am going for a conference in October when does TUT go home? I got to see him when I was a small child but it would be cool to give my respects to the guy again now that I am old.

    Good luck with the big fill. Just take it really easy. I imagine 2cc's will force a big change and it is sometimes really hard to make the big changes.

    I know that scale wills tart moving for you!!


  2. Your trip sounds so similar to ours. We just got back from NYC last night. We saw Wicked and King Tut and ate and shopped in China Town. We got to see a few other shows on Broadway as well! Fantastic weather too! Ohh I want to go back instead of doing paper work! :)