Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey there everybody. Thanks so much for all the new friends and support! It is nice to feel that I am not alone in this journey. As a new "bandster" (is that what we are called) I am a little confused by the lingo and would love a crash course in all the acronyms and euphemisms people use. Right now I feel like the old Luddite that doesn't know what OMG or LOL means only this time there are even more specific terms to learn.

Some acronyms I have come across thus far:
  1. BOOBS: Band Of Outrageous Babes (apparently a kickin' group of gals who are going to party away in Chicago soon - I am jealous!)
  2. NSV: Non Scale Victory (a term to describe goals and achievements that are related to weight loss but not the actual loss)
  3. BM: Am I right to assume this is just a nicer way of saying poo?

Additions (via comments and further blog readings):
  1. PB: a Productive Burp, one that happens to bring up the food you just ate
  2. NUT: Nutritionist
  3. TOM: Time Of Month, a rather manly moniker for Aunt Flo's monthly visitation
  4. ONEderland: a fantastic name for getting below 200 lbs.
  5. FUPA: Fat Upper Public Area, a nicer way of saying all my tummy junk that makes my jeans look bad
  6. WLS: Weight Loss Surgery
  7. NP: Nurse Practitioner

What am I missing?


  1. Those are right! Another I see alot is PB as in productive burp. It's basically when food is stuck and you bring it back up. Not vomit, though.

  2. A popular one when the scale doesn't show a loss or even worse, a gain is "WTF" Don't think I need to translate. :)

  3. Thanks for following me. I'm following you now. I used OMG today in my post. (Oh my gosh!) or goodness.

  4. Don't forget NUT....your nutritionist!!! Took me the longest to figur that one out.